May Game Challenge: Week Three (DOOM DOOM DOOM)

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This month may be one of the most new release laden months of the year, but I am (somehow!) managing to keep up! It’s a bit unprecedented. I completed Uncharted 4 this past week, and I am currently about halfway through DOOM. I may not have had a great time with Uncharted, but I am having a blast with DOOM.

I’m hoping to finish up DOOM today, as Homefront: The Revolution releases tomorrow (I’m doing my best to stay on top of each new release as it comes out). Then I will have to stay on top of completing Homefront, as the next week, Overwatch drops.

This month is bonkers as hell.

I didn’t have a great time with Uncharted 4 (I wrote a bit about it last week), but DOOM has been just the experience I didn’t know I was looking for. It is fast fast fast, and fun fun fun. The story may be loosely hung together, but the gameplay more than makes up for it. The upgrades are meaningful (or seem to be at this stage), and the map is one of the best I’ve encountered. The first couple of levels I played, I didn’t find a single secret (the game was moving so fast that I didn’t have time to search one out), but now that I’ve progressed a bit and unlocked some useful upgrades, I feel like I’ve found my rhythm. I take out all the enemies I can find in an area, then consult my map for all the items of interest. I have managed to find only one classic map so far, but it was super awesome to find and run around.

I had no idea I would find the game so engaging, but I do, and I can’t wait to run around and eliminate more demons.

I’ve learned some lessons about which weapons to use when, and which attacks I can successfully dodge. I’ve also learned when to whip out the chainsaw, both to save my life, as well as to fill up on ammo. I’m learning how to harness the mayhem.

It’s the best.

Once I finish the campaign, I plan to delve into the multiplayer.

And speaking of multiplayer, if you had told me a couple of years ago how much multiplayer I’d end up playing (that would be anything more than none), I’d say you were off the mark. Now, I feel like I’m taking part in multiplayer games so often, I’m about to take on a game that is multiplayer only: Overwatch.

There are so many great (and varied) characters in Overwatch, and my goal is to become proficient with at least one per category. During the beta, I tried out every character at least once and found so many I liked that I wouldn’t have expected. The ever-changing landscape of each match and the ability to change character at will has me jazzed to get my hands on the full release. I’m looking forward to all the loot boxes I get to keep!

With that, I wish you a good week of gaming. There’s always a bounty of games out there, but I feel we are in a bit of a feast situation. What are you currently playing?

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    • I am assuming (as it is a Deep Silver product) that it will be buggy but fun to play. I’m just wondering how long the campaign is. From everything I’ve seen and read, it could be a 12 hour game. It could also be a 30 hour game if it has open world-ish elements. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!


    • Doom is so rad. I’m having a hell of a time with it (See what I did there? With the joke? ‘Cause of HELL?).

      But yes, I do very much want to discuss Overwatch stratagems. For me, I approach it like a shooter, but I know that’s naive. Not to mention you have far more experience with Blizzard’s games than I do. Who are your mains for attack? Defense? Which characters do you like overall? I have tried all of them, but I couldn’t get with any of the healing characters. I’d like to at least get comfortable with one of them so I can support my team as needed if the situation calls for it.


      Please bestow it before the game launches next Tuesday.


      • That was one hell of a joke…

        OW is a shooter in its interface, but it plays much more like a moba where you can redraft your team comp every time you die. There’s sort of a rock paper scissors in particular characters that counter other ones, which shifts as the match goes on and you have to adjust to both where you’re at on the map and the strengths and weaknesses of the individual players on both teams. And it’s really nice to look at.

        On attack, I usually take Zenyatta for support or Zarya for offense. I used to play more basic attack heroes like Reaper and S76, but I found I contributed a lot more in the other roles. Zenyatta I like a lot because he’s the only support that can heal people who are not near him, which is huge for sending in a flanker like Genji to harass the enemy’s backline and not having to worry about keeping him alive. His debuff orb is tremendous since it’s a tank buster and a sniper block – it’s probably the strongest offensive ability in the game, which is a weird thing to think about considering he is a support. Zenyatta is a good example of having to adjust to strengths and weaknesses of your team – he’s fantastic if your team protects him, but if an enemy Tracer keeps sneaking in the back and ganking you, it’s time to switch characters. Zarya I thought completely sucked ass as a tank until I queued into a game against the head developer – he played her, and he killed me like 30 times. Absurd. Then I started to learn her and fell in love…they even had to nerf her! Her kit is unlike anyone else’s in that it encourages you to get into the fray and bruise it up. I only switch off her if my supports completely suck ass – she’s a great counter to a lot of the basic defense setups (Bastion/Torb), and doesn’t really have any hard damage counters herself.

        On defense, builders were my go-to. I played Symmetra a lot when I first started as I believed her to be the best character in the entire game, and she’s super, super strong. You just set up nests and fry people and cast a one-time shield. For this you are rewarded with the teleporter, which is crazy for map control. Later I found I had more fun doing relatively the same principles on Torb, because I could be a lot more drunk when I played him. My personal metagame with him is trying to create as many armor packs as possible. For more finesse heroes, I got really into Mei after she was revealed at Blizzcon and just trashed entire teams with her, but people learned how to counter her so I dunno she got less exciting. Great hero still though.

        I think overall I will always take the weird specialty-type characters in OW. I’ve never been attracted to snipers because there is always some kid that has played ONLY snipers in EVERY fps since he was 12 years old, and I’m like okay I’ll never compete with that kid as Widowmaker. I was getting that way with your straightforward assassins too – characters like S76 and Pharah are just so similar to attack heroes in so many other fps I realize I’ll never put in enough work to overcome my inexperience there lol. But nobody has seen anything like half the OW roster so there’s plenty for me to enjoy.

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        • WOW. First, these are excellent strategies and I appreciate all the time you took to craft the response. I take all this advice to heart. Now I am even more excited to get my hands on the game today! I DIDN’T KNOW THIS WAS POSSIBLE!!!


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