Five Games I’d Like To See Given The Remaster Treatment

dead island logo cover

With the Dead Island: Definitive Collection releasing later this month, I’ve had remastered collections on my mind. I know remasters can be a divisive topic among gamers, but I, for one, always appreciate a good remaster for current gen hardware. Whether it is because the games weren’t available on someone’s platform of choice last generation, or whether it simply allows someone to play an uprezzed version of a game on their current system, I love that we get the option to partake when a new set releases.

So that got me thinking about which games I’d like to see given the remastered treatment. There are two on my list that have long been rumored, but I’m still wishing for them anyway.

bioshock logo

The BioShock Trilogy

It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that this would be at the top of my list. The first BioShock still reigns as my favorite game of all time, and I’d love to see the entire trilogy given the remaster treatment. I played through the trilogy last year around this time and, while I still love them no matter what they look like, I’d love to see Rapture in all it’s ruined glory (and not just in the Burial at Sea DLC) and I’d love to see some of those textures in BioShock Infinite cleaned up a bit. There have been rumblings and reports that a remastered set is coming our way, but until I see it for pre-order, I’m not holding my breath.

borderlands cast


Another game, which will come as no surprise, is the first entry in the Borderlands series. We received The Handsome Collection last year, but what I’d really like to see (even if it were a digital-only release) is the original remastered and brought over to current systems. I want this even more badly after I realized I could sign up for PS Now and play it on my PS4. Of course, with this title already being backwards compatible on the Xbox One, it’s more of a long shot that we will see an actual remaster.


far cry triple pack

The Far Cry Series

Since Far Cry 4 and Far Cry Primal both released on current gen, they are excluded from this, but I’d love to see the first three Far Cry games, as well as Blood Dragon, released on current gen. Far Cry 3 is still one of my favorite games of all time, and Blood Dragon was a unique and thoroughly rad game all on its own. To see them all running on current systems would be a treat, indeed.

infamous cole art

Infamous and Infamous 2

The Infamous games are among my upper echelon. Few developers have conveyed the sense of power that Sucker Punch managed to in the first two installments of this series. They were atmospheric, empowering, and a joy to play. I’ve also seen rumblings that a remastered set of these two titles is possible, and I hope that’s the case. I’d love to see them given new life (and better visuals) on current systems. It would also allow those folks who didn’t have a PS3 last gen to finally get to experience Cole’s story.

red dead redemption 01

Red Dead Redemption

Believe it or not, I’ve never played Red Dead Redemption.

I know, I know.

I watched my partner play most of it, and it was intriguing. I’d love to play it for myself one of these days, and what better way to experience it than on current gen tech? More often than not, when I hear people talk about the games they loved the most from the last generation, Red Dead is high on their lists. I’m not sure Rockstar would do a remaster, but I can always hope.

What games do you wish were given the remastered treatment? What have been your favorite remasters to date?

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  1. All of these are great choices and another remaster I want is the Mass Effect trilogy. As for my favorite remaster is The Nathan Drake Collection.


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