May Game Challenge: Week One (Only One Directive…)

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I have only one directive for my May game challenge: to suck less.

Allow me to elaborate.

I not only failed my April game challenge, but failed it in a spectacular fashion. All I played was Destiny. I played the Prison of Elders. I played Iron Banner. I did so many strikes that I couldn’t even tell you how many, and, last night, I learned about a fun and unbelievably effective method for getting through the entire Challenge of Elders in a matter of minutes (Touch of Malice!).

All that, and I’m still only 334. I have one item left to level up to 335 before I, too, am 335. Level cap, I pursue you fervently.

With all that Destiny, I didn’t get any games completed last month. None.

I am embarrassed.

So, this month, my goal to suck less translates to playing a little (or a lot) less Destiny, and a whole herd of new releases.

Every year, there seem to be a couple of months that are laden with massive releases. May is one of those months in 2016. I went through my Amazon pre-orders today, and realized I have six games on pre-order for this month.

That’s insane. I am sure much ramen will be consumed to offset the cost.

The games I have on pre-order (and the release dates) are as follows:

05.10 Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
05.13 Doom
05.17 Homefront: The Revolution
05.17 Valkyria Chronicles Remastered
05.24 Overwatch
05.31 Dead Island: Definitive Collection

That’s a bonkers line up.

I know I will dive in to Uncharted 4 as soon as it releases, and I hope to make steady progress so I am ready for Doom on release day (Doom is my most anticipated game for May). I’m also curious about Homefront, even though I was never able to actually play during the beta (I saw a lot of loading screens, so…there’s that). I always end up having a good time with Deep Silver games, and I hope this is no different. I’m super curious about Overwatch (I’ve never actually gotten my hands on it before). And even though I’ve played both the Dead Island games before, I’m excited to dive back in. They aren’t perfect games by any means, but I’ve always had a great time with them.

I already feel daunted at this list, but I’m committed to trying to be far more productive in May than I was in April.

Which, if I’m being honest, shouldn’t be hard. So long as I can spend less time in Destiny.

It might be a little hard for me.

In addition to the above games, I still have yet to touch several of the smaller games I’ve had on my “to play” list for months now. At the top of that list is Kholat. I hope to get to that this month, too.

I can already tell I will likely let myself down, somehow. I don’t mean to, but those are a lot of games. I’d love to think I could haul it and get to all of them, but that’s a daunting prospect.

What games are on your radar for May?

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  1. I heard Uncharted 4 on the PS4, was going to release the Uncharted series as a combo pack. Any word on that little gem?
    Ps. It’s not about Sucking Less it’s about disciplining more. I’ve walked away from games that were just too hard in one little place. I tried, and tried to finish one little task, sometimes with success, others without. (Blasted time sink.)
    I have vegetables to plant, and solar lights to install. Oh, work, I still need to show up for work.
    In one word variety.
    Good luck in your May challenge.
    Cheers to you & your clan.


    • Good news for you: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection has been out for a while and includes all three of the first games. The 4th releases this coming Tuesday and is a separate release.

      Oh believe you me, I’m trying to discipline myself all over the place, but apparently I’m very lame and it takes me a while to see results on anything.

      You can always join the clan…I still think you would love Destiny if you gave it a chance.


  2. Hey Rebekah! I am excited for Uncharted 4, Homefront, & Battleborn. I’d like to hear more on each as we get closer to their respective release dates. How are you coming along with your experience, play, & do more? You did a blog on that theme a while back. Will there be a follow-up in terms of progression? Do you plan to tweak that blog as the year progresses?


    • I have the first two on pre-order and I’m looking forward to them. I had a lot of underwhelming thoughts on Battleborn during the beta, so I skipped the release.

      I am playing, certainly, but not a varied selection of games as I’ve been wanting to. I’m working on that.

      Sure! I can definitely write about that as the year progresses. :)


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