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When I looked at my preferred website for gaming news today, the biggest headline I saw was that Nintendo had (again) delayed the upcoming Zelda to 2017 (with the game releasing on both the Wii U and the NX simultaneously), and had, unceremoniously, announced that the new Nintendo console (the “NX”) would be arriving in March of 2017.

They did this via Twitter this morning. No Nintendo Direct, no fanfare, just a tweet announcing their new and much rumored console.

They also announced that they would be at E3 2016 and that the new Zelda would be their focus.

They also said they will not be revealing the console at E3.

I am so confused.

I know Nintendo has its own way of doing, well, everything, but this seemed like a bizarre move. A Tweet announcing a new console. Another delay of a benchmark franchise entry (which was both expected and disappointing).

But what really made me wonder was when they said the NX will not be at E3 2016. So the system will launch in March of 2017 but they won’t be showing it at this year’s E3? That makes no sense. It not only makes no sense, it makes me concerned that they are setting themselves up for another under-promoted launch.

This is to say nothing of the slow death of the Wii U in the next 11 months. What incentive is there for anyone to buy one now? The game lineup for the remainder of the year is slim at best, and with the Wii U still retailing for $300, that’s far too high. You can get an Xbox One or a PS4 for a similar price point.

Many folks out there bought a Wii U for the new Zelda. It was supposed to release in 2015. Then it was pushed back to 2016. Now it won’t arrive (presumably) until 2017, and even then, it will also be available on the freshly released system.

I have always loved Nintendo. I haven’t always understood them, but they create experiences I love to have.

That being said, I don’t know how I feel about supporting them as a company after some of the strange practices they have shown over the past several years. I, of course, want them to succeed, but I also don’t necessarily trust them. But I’ve always trusted that the games they release will be polished experiences.

After reading several of the reviews for Star Fox Zero, I’m a little concerned. Apparently the gameplay isn’t up to snuff, and the ending seems to be a reskinned ending of a previous entry. If it was a remake, why not call it such?

I have so many questions.

I feel like not showing the NX at E3 2016 is a huge mistake. To not take an already announced and upcoming console to the biggest gaming event of the year seems like a misstep. If you are already going to have a presence at the show to focus on the upcoming Zelda title, why not use that presence to also promote the new console? Why not show it off and outline it for people with question marks in their eyes?

It feels like Nintendo has been a little too secret squirrel mission as of late. A little more transparency and forthrightness would be refreshing. The more unanswered questions people have, the more confusion abounds.

How do you feel about this news (and the way we came by it)? Are you at all interested in the NX, or are you going to sit out the Nintendo mayhem for a while until we know more?

I am not going to make any hard and fast choices where Nintendo is concerned until I know more. I still love my 3DS (and I hope they continue to support it), but as far as new hardware goes, I remain cautiously hopeful.

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  1. This really isn’t gaming related but Nintendo sold their stake in the Seattle Mariners baseball team today.


  2. I wonder what exactly is wrong with The Legend of Zelda if it’s going to be delayed two years. Are they just pushing it back until they can launch it on the new system or are there actual problems with the game that need to be fixed? IDK, Nintendo doesn’t make sense.


    • I do, too. I also wonder if they knew from the beginning that it would be system spanning and that’s why it was repeatedly delayed. But even if that was part of it, the rest doesn’t make sense. So many little elements seem to be in conflict.

      I just keep thinking they should take the opportunity of E3 to show off this new NX to clear up some of the confusion surrounding it. But I have a feeling they will keep doing all the weird things they do so consistently…


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