The MMO-ish Face Off Of April 12th

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Every year it seems there are a handful of days where major games go “up against” each other. Next week, on April 12th, two heavy-hitters that have been out for varying lengths of time (Destiny for a year and a half, The Division for around a month) are both doing spring updates to bring additional content to their games.

Many reports have said they aren’t competing, but there are certain similarities in the two games. I have had a love/frustration relationship with Destiny from the moment it released (with mostly love for it), and I had a fast and furious couple of weeks with The Division, but I didn’t feel it had the staying power to keep me in the game for the long haul.

It sounds funny, but I had to make a concentrated effort to step away from Destiny before (twice, and each time it felt very odd to not be playing, as if I was constantly missing something), and I can already feel those familiar hooks in me for the April update.

April 12th will be a heck of a day for updates, not to mention the release of Dark Souls III.

the division

The Division is adding the new Incursion activity (akin to the raids in Destiny), which is touted as being hilariously difficult. Supply drops are also being added to the Dark Zone and the gear inside will not need to be decontaminated before use, thus eliminating the need for an extraction for those drops. The loot system seems to be getting an overhaul, and the crafting system is getting some changes, as well. All in all, a nice update, especially as it is free for all players.

destiny ttk

Destiny is getting a lot of upgraded things to do, as the Prison of Elders will once again be a viable way to get better gear (Skolas is the worst), the Court of Oryx will yield better results, as will the Strike and Crucible playlists. The light level will be raised to 335 with various ways to reach the cap, and a super slick new Taken-style gear set will be up for grabs.

Personally, even though I called it a face off of sorts, I think there is more than enough room to experience the new content of both games. I’m burnt out on The Division and have no current plans to go back to it (especially until/unless they change some things about how the Dark Zone works), but I’m more than ready for the update to Destiny. I may finally take the plunge and start seeking people on LFG to do some of those high-end activities I’ve been away from for so long (I barely remember the raid strategies and I only ever beat Skolas once, and that was after many, many hours of trying).

In a word, I’m terribly excited.

I do think it’s funny how certain things in the gaming world are seen as competitions. The console “wars” are one of those things I just never understand. Sure, I get that sales numbers and successes are important, but there’s more than enough room for someone’s console of choice.

In the same vein, there is more than enough room for both these updates and, presumably, they can only improve and expand these experiences.

Are you excited for either update? Or both? What will you tackle first?

With that, I have a Stormcaller subclass to finish upgrading. Have a safe weekend friends. Cheers!

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  1. I am looking forward to the Destiny update. It maybe the thing that keeps me interested in the game until the next update. I am on the fence about The Division’ update. Especially after getting creamed in the Dark Zone. I believe that the update will help The Division stay around a bit longer. Just my thoughts!


    • I hope The Division gets their early update problems ironed out. I read today that there is apparently a glitch on Xbox One that has deleted people’s characters. Ouch.


  2. Probably won’t bother picking up The Division. I do have Destiny but haven’t put any real time into it for a while. I think I have one character just over level 20 and another I started and got to maybe 10? I keep feeling the desire to go back to it, maybe if another friend or two starts playing it from the beginning so I can tag along. We’ll see.


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