A Promotion Too Good To Ignore

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When I pre-order a game I typically prefer to do so via my local GameStop. The staff is fantastic, and the location is close enough that if I had to ride my bike, I could still get there in a reasonable amount of time. I’m not usually swayed by retailer-specific pre-order bonuses, but this past week I came across a promotion that Amazon is running and proved too hard to ignore.

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With an Amazon Prime membership, if you pre-order a game (or even if you buy a new release within two weeks of release) you receive 20% off. That comes out to (for a standard game, pre-tax) $47.99. This promotion also appears to extend to certain collector’s editions of games available for pre-order such as the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End special edition which retails for $79.99 and after the promotion comes out to $63.99.

For brand new games, those savings are hard to ignore.

At least for me.

Now I’ve had an Amazon Prime membership for years now, but never have I found it as fortuitous as I did this past week. As much as I wanted to support my local GameStop, all those savings swayed my pre-orders.

I already had Far Cry Primal pre-ordered and paid, but for all my other pre-orders of the year (including the games without release dates) I placed them via Amazon. I think I placed nine pre-orders, only four of which had “solid” release dates. I may not be overly impressed with Amazon’s shipping as of late (a lot of late and misplaced orders), but at these savings, my business was all theirs.

So my question is: has anything ever swayed where you pre-order games? Perhaps a particular pre-order bonus, or in this case, a special promotion resulting in less dollars spent? If so, which game and why?

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  1. I’ve all but stopped pre ordering my games now since some developers find it fine to release broken games to the public (Assassins Creed and Batman:Arkham Knight, I’m looking at you). I don’t like rewarding bad practices but if I can’t wait, I usually get the digital download right off the console just because it’s easy and fast.


    • I hear that. I just try to stay current with new release games, so I know one way or another, I will be playing them. This just seemed like the more frugal option.

      Digital downloads are fantastic, especially if it is a game I know I will be spending a lot of time with (e.g.: The Handsome Collection). But most of the time I default to a disc-based purchase. That way if I want to trade it in, I can get something back for it towards my next game.

      But you’re right: It’s amazing how simple it now is to get a game from the comfort of a couch.


      • That’s another good point about the ability to trade in a physical game. All I’m left with is a full hard drive and games I don’t play anymore.


        • Oh man, the new console hard drives fill up so fast. But yes, I do like having the disc to trade in if I so desire. It’s always nice to get some credit towards another game I might like more.


      • I too, usually buy games where a physical disc is involved. Depending on convenience & pricing, I buy from PS Store too. It depends on how I feel; whether or not the price is reasonable.

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  2. If a game developer has a good track record (assassins creed anyone?) then I usually just pre order using the digital download online. Quick and easy over going out to the store.


  3. That sounds really cool, I’ll have to look into it more! I usually prefer buying my games in person as well, a need for instant gratification perhaps? There’s just something so satisfying about going to the store and returning with the game in hand. Typically I’ve only been swayed by Collector’s Edition including cool figurines for the shelf, but I’ve been pretty good about curbing those impulses lately. Basically I need to be convinced that I will play the game immediately or I might as well wait until I will get around to playing it and likely save some money.

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