December Game Challenge: Week Five (I Am Sick Sick Sick)

undertale title screen

On Christmas eve morning I realized something crappy: I was getting sick. On holiday, no less. But I thought, hey! Maybe it will be a 24 hour thing.

I am now around the 96 hour mark of what I can only assume must be a gnarly flu. Most of the nights since it descended upon me were sleepless, and today I actually skipped going to one of my favorite places in the world (Ground Kontrol) just so I could try to take a nap.

So as you may have expected by this point, I haven’t gotten much gaming done in the past week. In fact, other than a bit of Mii Plaza on my 3DS and some Resogun on my PS Vita, I haven’t played anything at all.

Stupid, stupid flu.

Tomorrow afternoon I will be reunited with my consoles and I’m super jazzed about trying to finish up Rise of the Tomb Raider. And if I can somehow play through Undertale before the end of the year as well, I will consider myself pleased with my gaming for the month.

Do I wish I’d played more games this year? Absolutely. Am I putting some time and effort into making sure next year is more productive? You bet.

I always seem to think when on holiday there will be various points of downtime to play games. That never really happens. If there is downtime, it comes in short little chunks that aren’t exactly suitable for in-depth gaming sessions. So if I game at all, it tends to be in bite-sized little bits (like Mii Plaza) where if I am interrupted, I don’t have to worry about finding my place in a massive game.

So as much as I wish I had positive news to report, I do not. I have been sick. I am still sick. As I write this, I feel the need for a nap becoming greater and greater. The nap will be mine.

Will I try to squeeze in some Mario Kart on my 3DS?


Will I feel bad if that doesn’t happen?


Sadly, the flu trumps all current gaming.

Did anyone out there get any games for the holidays? If so, which ones? Have you started them already?

I didn’t receive any games, but I did received some GameStop gift cards, so pre-orders, here I come!

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  1. Aside from not being able to game, it must have spoiled your holiday! Oh I’m so sorry to hear that, being sick is bad. But even worse is being sick on holiday. Poor you!


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