October Game Challenge: Week Four (Diversity, Ho!)

bloodborne 01

This past week was a bit odd, game challenge wise. I didn’t go back to Bloodborne (though I didn’t think I would so soon), and all I played was too much Destiny. Shocker.

As much as I love Destiny, I can feel myself getting ready to make a shift in my game time. I’ve recently felt a bit odd about some of the quest line nonsense (namely the Crucible related quests and the Vault of Glass related quest), as I can’t always count on people to help me finish things that I can’t necessarily do on my own. Last week I helped a group do the Vault of Glass quest, but when I needed help with it, no one would help me do it. I can’t complete that quest line solo, so I’m more or less screwed. I don’t like having to rely on other people to get through games, and I’m starting to feel like the drama of matchmaking isn’t worth it.

Perhaps I am not meant to play multiplayer games. I’ve wondered this before.

So this past weekend, I actually didn’t play any Destiny. Scratch that, I didn’t play anything at all. I can’t recall the last time I didn’t play any video games over a weekend. I think that speaks to my frustration at the situation.

In thinking about just how much Destiny I play and how much I’d like to have alternate experiences, I’m going to spend this week in supplication of that thought. I’m finally going to branch out and play some of the shorter game experiences I have just waiting for me to play them. This will include The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Life is Strange, and Soma. I’m also feeling the urge to finally play The Order: 1886, and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. With so many options, I won’t be lacking for something to play.

I will surely also be watching several horror movies in celebration of Halloween this weekend. Since I have no festive Halloween plans, I’m sure I will have on any number of movies on my 2015 horror movie playlist.

I’m genuinely excited to be playing some fresh (to me at any rate) titles and branching out my experiences.

I’ve also been reading some excellent horror novels lately (Koji Suzuki is an exceptional writer), so I may keep up with that trend as well. I’ve been a bit of a reading machine (I’ve read over 70 books this year; more on that later), and I’m always ready for a new book. Books are magical. Yes indeedy.

Every year around this time, I wish I felt like throwing a Halloween party. Halloween is one of my favorite “holidays” and I’d love it if I could start an annual event.

With that, I ask: what are your Halloween plans? Do you throw a party for the occasion, or do you go out and celebrate? Do you stay home and watch horror movies? Or something else entirely? Either way, happy Halloween, friends. Be safe out there.

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  1. If you’re interested, I can hook you up with a friend that would be more than willing to assist you with multiplayer related challenges in Destiny. He’s a close friend of mine and has pretty much been playing it non-stop since it came out. Let me know.

    I am more excited for Halloween this year than I have been in a long time. I’m actually going to be home! Psyched to be able to hand out candy and see all the costumes. The real treat though is the Breaking Benjamin/Shinedown concert I’ll be attending the night before! Enjoy the holiday!


    • Actually, I’d be really interested. I love Destiny, but the various people you encounter can either make or break the game. It’s an odd one, for sure.

      Hey, that’s great! I hope you have an excellent time at home for the fun! Have a ton of fun at the concert! Another friend of mine is going to their concert in Washington tonight! :) And it’s his birthday, to boot!


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