My One And Only

bl1 cast

When posed with the circumstance of only being allowed to play one game for the rest of my life, my decision will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me: Borderlands.

Borderlands all day long. The first entry.

It may sound like an exaggeration when I say Borderlands crosses my mind nearly every day. I always want to play it. I am always ready to fast travel to the Underpass, go on my well-practiced loot run, jump down to the dev chest where you are most likely to get an Eridian weapon, exit, and repeat.

I am always ready to head to New Haven, or Old Haven, or anywhere else. I can never quite pinpoint what it is about the first Borderlands, but I’m always in the mood for it, even if I am playing solo.

When I heard Microsoft announce backwards compatibility for the Xbox One, my immediate thought was: Borderlands. I found where the voting was taking place, cast my vote, and was tickled to see the first Borderlands near the top of the list. This was a joy to see, as I have a feeling Gearbox will never release a current gen version of the game, despite what I imagine would be entirely strong sales numbers for them.

Backwards compatibility kicks in for Xbox One in November, which just so happens to be the same month as my birthday. As soon as I found this out, I told my partner what I want for my birthday: to play Borderlands again (and DLC!) via the Xbox One. He agreed.

Birthday: settled.

And now, after both thinking and writing about Borderlands, I think I’m going to boot up the PS3 today and make a quick run through the Underpass. That dev chest isn’t going to open itself.

Although, perhaps it is like Schrodinger’s cat.

I’ll never know.

But I will keep playing. Hopefully it never comes down to only being able to play one game for the rest of my life. But if that time does come, the choice won’t be hard. Borderlands. Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

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  1. Borderlands is such a fun game! Excella choice :) I’m not sure what game I would pick to play the rest of my life… I guess it would probably be between World of Wacraft and The Sims, although I’m not sure I can be anymore specific with which generation of The Sims I’d pick. All of them maybe?

    <3 and harp strings,


  2. Dev chest? Looks like I missed something. Borderlands was certainly a lot of fun.

    I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I would probably pick Sacred 2. Not only that but the bugged, glitchy PS3 port. Crap, what’s wrong with me? It can seriously last a very long time with 6 character classes, light or shadow campains, 5 difficulty levels, level cap of 200, and SO MANY side quests. Oh, and both local and online co-op, though that’s pretty buggy/glitchy as well.


    • Oh the dev chest is the best way to find Eridian weapons in the first game. If we ever play it together I can show you where it is.

      Hey, why can’t you believe that’s your choice? If that’s what you want to play, then that’s great!

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