After Nearly Two Years Away From It, All I Want To Do Is To Play Pokemon X

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As I wrote about yesterday on 8-Worlds News, I have recently delved back in to my game of Pokemon X in an attempt to finally beat the game after being away from it for nearly two years. I was daunted at the prospect for so long that I never even tried, but once I made the effort, I remembered just how much fun the game is.

So while I was going about various activities today, all I kept thinking were thoughts like, “Gee. I’d rather be at the Battle Chateau getting XP and Pokedollars to help me continue on my way.” And other insightful things like, “Man, my Pokemon are really adorable. Even my funny swords.”

But I almost never got back into it in the first place. I was just over halfway through the game, and for some unknown reason, I put it aside and never went back to it. Then I started psyching myself out about going back to it because I couldn’t remember the control scheme, I had no idea where I was supposed to go, and I assumed my Pokemon roster was upset at me for leaving them in their little Pokeprisons during my two year absence.

Turns out, all that can easily be remedied by the internet and game guides. And Pokepuffs to cheer my little friends up.


Sure, I acknowledge that the game is a bizarre thing. You basically trap these adorable creatures in tiny spherical prisons (they claim Pokeballs are a wonderful place for Pokemon but who can ever say for sure?), only to release them when you want them to do battle on your behalf. How odd is that?

Although, if I had to really analyze the premises of various video games, I’m sure I’d be scratching my head more often than not. There are some unique experiences out there. And that’s one of the things I love most about video games: you get to have experiences you may never otherwise get to have.

I also forgot how fun the Pokemon Amie aspect of the game is. Pokemon Amie is a little like Tamagotchi: you play with your Pokemon, you feed your Pokemon, and you can train your Pokemon. The more you do these things, the more you bond with them, and the better you “communicate” during battles.

For instance.

I was at the Battle Chateau and another Pokemon took my Pikachu down to near “fainting.” Pika would have fainted, but then I got a notification on my screen saying something to the effect that Pika didn’t want to disappoint me so he held on but that he looked like he was going to cry.


I was touched and mortified. Poor Pika! I rotated him out of battle immediately so I could get him all healed up outside of the match, but I felt terrible! The last thing I’d want to do is to make a Pokemon cry. Good lord.

And yet.

I still love to play this game.

I have a few more gym badges to get, but in the mean time, I’m collecting that sweet money from the Chateau and getting my Pokemon back in the spirit of the game.

But boy oh boy I had forgotten just how much fun the game is.

Have there ever been games you stepped away from only to return and love them all over again? If so, which ones? I’d love to find out.

And on this very tardy note, I shall excuse myself to the Battle Chateau. I’m finally a Duchess!

Cheers, folks!

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  1. I’ve been there before, getting back in a game I’d almost forgotten with a vengeance. And I love the feeling, of thinking all day long of how you want to play and can’t because real life interferes. Pokemon is notorious for infecting you with Pokevirus!

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