My Weird And Animated Face

'70s baby

In recent months, I’ve been asked if I was ever going to post more images of myself than the one on my “about” page. To be honest, the style portion of this site was intended to be off and running quite a while back. Had that happened, this site would have had all kinds of photos (which I would have been in), but that is still in progress.

That being said, I thought I’d create a post in the spirit of silliness and include a dozen images of myself over the years, one dating all the way back to 1979. I hope this gives folks out there a bit of insight into me, the person behind these words.


The image above is my favorite from childhood. I’ve been an avid reader since I can remember (my very first memory is of learning to read), and in that photo, I had pulled all my books off the shelf in our kitchen. I assume my mother took that photo, as my father was a bit strict and probably didn’t find it too amusing.

I still surround myself with books.


2002.12.18 003

This photo is from 2002 when I was having my first professional headshots taken. The image was taken by someone else in the room, but it ranks as one of my favorite images of myself. The lighting is very old school.



I took this photograph of myself back in 2006. At the time, I was at a low point that was unrivaled. I see everything written on my face here. I believe this is the most “real” image of me that I have.



Once upon a time I was a professional photographer. I used to enjoy using mirrors to interesting effect. This was late in 2006, and I was trying to explore how the mirror could explore different aspects of the same person.

Also, there are tiny owls on my shirt.



HA! This was in the early summer of 2007. I was being cheeky. The only thought that comes to mind when I see this is the line from Groundhog Day, “Yeah, I’m sure I’m going to.”

Insert eye roll here.



My one big treat to myself used to be a super special haircut on my birthday. There is a magical lady back in Portland, Oregon named Dayna Cakebread and she is the most talented hair wizard of all time.

This was the second haircut she gave me, and I loved it. I used to just go to her and ask her for whatever she thought would look best. Length never mattered.



Same haircut, just a bit grown out. I like this photo because it’s a direct look into the camera. I try to pull no punches in reality, and I see that in this expression.


2009.09.06 002

Back in 2009 I met a terrific friend who was a makeup artist for M.A.C. She and I conceived of some interesting ’80s inspired ideas, and this was one of them. You can’t tell from the photo, but the eyes were done in M.A.C. pigment in copper. It was a cool effect.


2009.09.26 001

I like this photo, but for completely random reasons. Mainly for the actual Broadway street sign in the background. It’s from my hometown, and I have it with full authority from the city.


2011.10.26 003

Near the end of 2011 I thought it would be funny to get a few wigs and be ridiculous. This was one of my favorites.


vint. 01

I kind of loved my hair here. It’s short (just the way I like it), but long enough to do that little tendril-y thing at the back.


vint. 02

This image looks undeniably French to me. It also makes me look like I have super pronounced nostrils.


I feel the need to provide a disclaimer here: while these images are all of me, I don’t really look like this. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this peek into the person behind the keyboard.


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  1. There is something VERY Chic-Twiggy-Audrey Hepburn-Parisian-Boho-London-1960’s about these photos.
    I love them ALL and I love that they belong to you. You are a diamond with many facets my gal. xoxox Mamabird.


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