Recap: EA’s Press Conference At E3 2015


Following Microsoft’s stellar press conference, EA was next on the docket. Here are the highlights.

A trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda was shown and a release window of holiday 2016 was announced.

The new Need For Speed was shown, but it was difficult to tell if the footage was in-game or live action. It will release November 3rd.

Star Wars The Old Republic expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire will be coming October 27th. Dynamic story was emphasized. It will be free to all EA Access subscribers.

Lightsabers. Lightsabers. Lightsabers. Angry people. Lightsabers.


Unravel looks to be a charming and artistic experience. It is a puzzle platformer and while listening to the developer, it was hard not to get excited about it.

This is the first game trailer I have cried at.

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 was given an extended look. Solo Play is being introduced and allows for local splitscreen. The game will release in the spring of 2016.

A suite of sports games was presented, beginning with a trailer for NHL 16. Other games shown were PGA Tour (which looks to be a bit fantastical), Madden, and NBA Live16.

Mobile games were addressed with lots of lovely graphics and numbers. Several games were touched on, and Minions Paradise was featured.

Pele arrived to much fanfare and an interesting interview followed. Fifa 16 was discussed. For the first year ever, women’s teams are included. An extended in-game trailer was shown.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was announced as the origin story of protagonist Faith. An extended in-game trailer was shown, and the game will be releasing February 23, 2016.

Sports. Sports. Sports. Unravel. Sports.

NHL 16 was discussed.

The live stream pooped out during the NHL 16 showing, proving that even the internet couldn’t handle any more sports.

Star Wars Battlefront was shown and it looks impressive. The look at gameplay was long-awaited, and it didn’t disappoint. The sound design is what stood out to me; it was like listening to the films.

They said each of the games was available to play on the show floor while at E3.

Next up: Ubisoft! Stay tuned.

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  1. This was easily the least interesting press conference for me, if only because so much of EA annual iteration of sports, sports, racing, sports. I absolutely agree with you about unravel, I would play that game. I’m interested in new Mass Effect but want you’re right, they need to show more of it.

    I wasn’t really excited for the first Mirror’s Edge when it released and when I finally picked it up for reasons even I don’t understand, I really liked it. Played through it in, like, two sittings. I was very moved by the characters of Faith and her sister and thought they did a great job with the setting. I’m similarly not very excited for the next Mirror’s Edge, so I’ll probably love it… if that makes any sense. I know I don’t quite get it.


    • man, there was WAYYY too much time spent on sports in this one! it was great that they got pele, but even so…too much sports.

      for me, this conference was all about YARNY!!! and of course, UNRAVEL!!! from the moment they started talking about it, i was hooked. and that developer was ADORABLE. i just wanted to give him a hug.

      but next year, hopefully they spend a little less time on the sports (and kenny loggins) and more on…well…unravel. :)


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