May Game Challenge: Week Three

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It is with great relief that I can finally say I have finished my replay of the entire BioShock series, concluding with the only part I’d not experienced before: Burial At Sea. After staying up all night on Friday, I saw the credits roll on Saturday morning.

Super relief.

I was so glad to be done with my April game challenge (two weeks late!) that I took a bit of a gaming break over the weekend. I will admit I spent a bit of time in Animal Crossing New Leaf, but otherwise, I was mostly gaming absent.

As much as the BioShock series was, and is, my favorite, playing all of them back to back made every flaw glaringly obvious and left me with a bit of an odd aftertaste. I was so relieved and glad to be done, and that felt a bit strange and sad. I don’t think I liked my mindset by the time I had finished everything. I was especially conscious of Elizabeth’s flawed AI in Burial At Sea. So many times when she was going to throw me something to help me, the prompt would come up for a split second, yet nothing would come through. If I was in the unfortunate moment of reloading a weapon, her offer of items (whatever they were) would be cancelled out (and sometimes I really needed those items). It didn’t happen every time, but it was easily 30% in that fashion. It didn’t feel like a good way to end things. I had hoped everything would end on a high note, mechanics included.

It will be a good long while before I revisit Rapture. And that’s probably okay. I may have finished late, but I did what I set out to do. Albeit it 15 days later than planned.

Last night, I went back to Destiny for the first time in forever, and I was able to pick back up fairly easily. I thought I’d be more excited for the House of Wolves expansion, but that excitement has yet to find me.

What has found me is my overwhelming excitement for the impending release of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. If my local GameStop is doing midnight release, I will certainly be there tonight for pick up. The game looks incredible.

I also have a bit of an interesting day as I am finally, at long last, going to dive into Bloodborne. I have been perusing the massive game guide for it, and I hope what I’ve been learning helps me along my way. Sure, I’m still a bit daunted, as I’m worried I won’t be any good at the game and unable to progress, but I have to try.

Today may be a busy day, but it will also be filled with two new games, and that’s an exciting prospect. I will also get to enjoy some co-op activity with a friend I rarely get to play online with, and that is another definite plus. A banner day for gaming.

Is anyone else out there doing midnight release for The Witcher? Will you be staying up far past your bedtime to play it?

I know I will!

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  1. I’m not going to Witcher 3 release. I’m waiting for Batman and I’m not really interested in the game if the combat is boring. I’ll wait for players perception on the combat. My reason: If I’m going to be doing it for like 90% of the gameplay, it shouldn’t be boring.

    And about the issues you had with Bioshock. I’m very nit-picky of games, so I notice some flaws when I play, even for the first time. Mass Effect 1 had a terrible inventory system, so I didn’t use it that much and Madden is pure garbage in everything.

    Hope you have fun with Bloodborne and Witcher 3!


  2. I’m not going to do a midnight release for the Witcher. I’m not really excited about it, and the only other game that might get me to do midnight is Batman.

    Hope you enjoy Bloodborne and Witcher!


  3. The Witcher looks SO good! I wish I was getting it on release day to begin enjoying it. Alas, as I am currently working far from home and only brought my PS3 with me, that will not be the case. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it, as well as Bloodborne.

    Congrats on completing your Bioshock marathon. Even if late, it sure feels good to accomplish a goal set for oneself.


    • it does, it does! this will easily be my biggest rpg experience and i’m looking forward to seeing how all these choices will fare throughout the game.

      it’s really neat that you can take your ps3 with you! what are you currently playing?

      i hope to have thoughts on bloodborne further than “wow, what a nice menu screen.” i’m concerned i will be so terrible at it that i won’t be able to get to see it all.

      and thank you! i was so relieved to be done (and after staying up all night) that i slept for so many hours. it was glorious! :)


      • Yeah, I always travel with my PS3 since I’m usually (always) gone for months at a time. Now that I have a PS4 it hurts to leave it behind, but I’m trying to do my replay videos focusing on my backlog (hence the PS3). I’m currently playing XCOM: Enemy unknown for my show, and Oblivion for me. I actually had a great productive Sunday, completing a whole bunch of side-quests! Still no progress on the main story…


        • good gravy, you have to be gone for months at a time? do you at least get to return home periodically over that time?

          how IS xcom enemy unknown? i wanted to try it out, but i’ve never really played a game like that before. do you have any tips?

          man, sometimes side quests are the best part! i’m sure you will make progress on the story sooner than later.


      • We’re a specialized construction company, so the projects we do are often not local to any one area. The upside is I get to travel a lot, the downside is I don’t really live at home. I do go home for periodic weekends or I’ll fly my wife out to wherever the project is, then it’s we can explore a new place together! Two months in Louisville, 14 months in New Orleans, 4 months in New Zealand, 3 months in Denver, etc… I’m currently in Virginia!

        XCOM is really good! I’m only 5 hours in (I think 3 are currently on YouTube) so it’s too early to tell if my advice is any good. I always take a squad that is diverse in rank. That way, if everyone wipes or is critically injured, you should still have experienced soldiers ready for the next mission. Also, NEVER leave someone out of cover at the end of their turn. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to research and base upgrades, but limited funds. Rather than try to upgrade everything somewhat, it’s probably better to upgrade two or three main strategies fully. I love the art style and the little details in each map!

        I’m actually pretty impressed with the side-quests in Oblivion. They went the extra mile to make each feel unique without too much repetition.


        • oh wow, i had no idea you were on the move so much. 14 months on a location? jeez. that’s crazy to be away from home for so long. you must get homesick. :(

          but oh, to travel. i’m envious.

          oh boy. i already feel overwhelmed about xcom and i haven’t even started it. i’m currently a bit overwhelmed with certain structures within the witcher 3. i hope to learn their nuances better in the coming days.


  4. Congrats on finishing you’re challenge. I’m so excited for the witcher 3 tomorrow,it looks amazing. Enjoy Bloodborne.


  5. Congrats on finishing Bioshock! Yeah I think its really because of the endings I mean well why is my only question, just why? As for Witcher welll hmm I didn’t pre-order and I wanna sleep I don’t know I might just get the drm if its ready day 1 and if not then no harm done really. It’s and awesome game, but I mean I’m inclined to save my money hehe.. T_T


    • thank you! i think it was my fourth time playing it, and i always find something new, which i love.

      ha! i am a huge fan of sleep, too. :) so i totally get it. and saving money is always a good strategy!


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