May Game Challenge: Week Two

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I had no idea that I’d be so behind from April nearly halfway into May. Hooray?

On the positive side, I completed BioShock Infinite, and I’ve already begun Burial At Sea (thank goodness for that!). I would normally assume I would finish by the end of the day tomorrow, however if there’s one thing I’ve learned these past few months, it’s that I shouldn’t assume I will finish any particular game on quite the same schedule I think I should.

This is a disappointing realization.

I will also say, I highly do not recommend powering through your favorite game series one after another with nothing else in between. While I still thoroughly love the BioShock trilogy, playing it in this fashion brought out certain issues I didn’t necessarily notice on my first (or second, or third) playthrough.

In the first BioShock (still my favorite game of all time), the aiming for either weapons or Plasmids was imprecise. There were times I would be shooting at Splicers (etc.) and feel lucky that some shots landed even if my cursor was directly over them. In a shooter, that’s not so great.

In BioShock Infinite, oh man, if Elizabeth had run in front of me one more time I think I would have tried to use Bucking Bronco to get her out of my way. Or shoved her off Columbia in general. I would be running in a straight line and she would cut in front of me repeatedly. Rarely did this result in a serious situation, but it would occasionally get me stuck on the geometry of the world, and that was mildly irritating.

Though some of my favorite games have issue with that. I believe my brother renamed the original Borderlands: “Borderlands: Stuck On Sh*t.”

He wasn’t wrong.

And I have to admit, that final fight in Infinite (SPOILERS!!!) fell a bit flat to me. It just seemed so out of place. I’d also argue that the Lady Comstock boss fight felt shoehorned in. At least the Lady Comstock fight is short. The end battle seems to drag on about twice as long as it should.

So imagine my complete lack of excitement when I went straight from Infinite to Burial At Sea. This would actually be my very first playthrough of the DLC, and I have to confess: I just want to be done.

That makes me sad. You know, relatively speaking.

So while I will be glad to have my April game challenge completed nearly two weeks late, more than that, I will be relieved.

R.O.L.A.I.D.S. and all that.

And really, I want to get into several other games, namely Bloodborne and more recently, to finally get around to Wolfenstein: The New Order. I never played it, and I’d like to finally get that one under my belt. I’m also, of course, looking forward to the 19th and the release of The Witcher.

I’m quite looking forward to just playing whatever strikes my fancy for a while. In challenges past, I always felt like it was a good time, but this one did not have the same effect, which is the epitome of irony since it’s my favorite series. Just goes to show, I guess.

Has anyone out there ever forced themselves to complete a game or series of games and grown less fond of the experience for doing so? I’d be curious to hear about it.

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  1. Oh, definitely! The problem is, once you’re forcing yourself it becomes more “work” than “play”. One month I really wanted to work through the Tomb Raider trilogy on PS3 (Legend, Anniversary, and Underworld), and I mean all of the trophies. Great games, I still have fond memories of them but by the end it really became a slogfest. I was more than ready to be done, to take a break from Lara. It really makes you appreciate the decisions developers have to make when it comes to game length. When you’re playing through multiple games from the same series back to back it kind of feels like one game that is WAY too long, if that makes sense.

    Oh! We’ve been talking a bit about reading Lovecraft, and your love of Bioshock reminded me that you might be interested in another author if you’ve never read him. Kurt Vonnegut. Some of his works remind me of the whole “idyllic society gone wrong” kind of thing that I’ve seen you describe about your beloved game series. You might want to check him out if you haven’t already.


    • okay, so you definitely get what i’m saying. and yes, what you said makes absolute sense.

      i have many kurt vonnegut books; good suggestion! and i do love the “society gone wrong” set up. and you have reminded me that i wanted to dive into those lovecraft collections i recently got. oh books. i do love them so.


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