April Game Challenge: Week Two

bioshock please stand by cover

Even though it is my favorite game of all time, I forgot just how amazing BioShock truly is.

I forgot how nearly every new plasmid, tonic, and weapon was cause for celebration. I forgot how beautiful everything was.

And I forgot just how lethal Big Daddies could be.

I figured with my familiarity with the series that I’d be just fine diving back in. Ha! I’ve died three times overall, and each time it was because I got too impatient and ran into a fight where I should have hung back a little. Oops. I can’t help it, though. I love this game so much!

As per usual, I only ever rescue the Little Sisters (except for once on a previous playthrough, I accidentally hit the wrong button and yelled, “Nooooooooo!!!”), and I feel good about that. I can’t imagine doing it any other way (intentionally).

I had wanted to play much more of it this weekend, but I’ve been quite under the weather since Friday, and gaming has been out of the question. Boo…

One thing that sticks out to me this time (as opposed to earlier playthroughs), is that the aiming isn’t always as precise as I’d like it to be. I’m sure I can alter it in the settings, but I was trying to just go with the default. I may set about remedying that.

Another thing that causes me some problems (and silliness) is the in-game camera. I tend to put myself in ridiculous situations just to get a better shot so I can be done with the whole camera mess, thus causing myself more harm than I should be. It may not be safe, but my stats are up!

I am taking my time and thoroughly enjoying it in Rapture. I’m already looking forward to coming back in BioShock 2, and then finally in Burial at Sea.

And between those two is still BioShock Infinite!

So much goodness, I almost can’t take it.

Aside from the monthly challenge, I’m still really hoping to finish well ahead of time so I can start in on Bloodborne. The game, difficulty and all, is enticing me with each passing day, even pushing me to check out more Lovecraft. With all the reading I do (and it’s considerable), I’ve never read any Lovecraft.

Hard to believe, but true.

I’m also itching to finally play a few other games, namely some indie finds on the PS4. I’ve yet to start White Night, Never Alone, or Axiom Verge, and all are looking good to me. I also still want to go back to Far Cry 4 and Dying Light to pick up the few remaining trophies I haven’t gotten yet. I feel the platinum for Far Cry 4 in my grasp.

And I would be remiss if I thought I wouldn’t be playing a little Handsome Collection here and there. I hope to be able to connect with my brother so we can work our way through Claptrap’s Claptastic Voyage. What we played so far was great fun.

On that note, I bid you each a good start to your respective weeks, and cherrio, old fruits!

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  1. It’s funny that you mention Lovecraft. I’ve always kind of been itching to read some of his works, probably because there are always things in the “geek world” that pay homage to his stuff. It’s been stronger lately, I would guess, because of all of the hype and preview information leading up to Bloodborne’s release. I recently found a nice complete collection to add to my e-reader, but haven’t started it yet. Your post just reminded me that it’s there and I’ve got quite a bit of travel time coming up over the next couple weeks. I’ll have to start digging in!


    • we should both totally read some lovecraft. i have a tab open on my computer right now to get a couple volumes on amazon.

      i hope the travel is for purposes of fun. travel is amazing.


      • My company is actually taking me to Japan for a week as a show of appreciation for my hard work these last years (parent company is headquartered in Tokyo) and we’re going to swing by Guam for a couple days to meet the folks we’ll be working with when that project starts up. To say I’m excited is the understatement of the decade!


        • WHAAAT?! what a great way to show their appreciation! i hope you have an incredible time in japan!

          what are you most looking forward to doing when you go?


      • I’m most looking forward to Akihabara, and the chance to see all the nerdy stuff on display there. I’m planning to get a japan-only ps3 or ps4 game to mess around with. The rest of the trip will just be a great experience of seeing new things. It’s funny how excited we can be to explore a place that the people who live there everyday might very well be bored with.


        • OH MAN. your trip is going to be so awesome.

          i think travel is one of the great experiences in life. i’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many countries and those experiences were among the most spiritual in my life. and i’m not a religious person by any stretch.


  2. Bioshock’s atmosphere is just amazing! Bloodborne’s atmosphere is breathtaking. I just made it to the second boss, but I’m taking a break to finish Dark Souls so Bloodborne will have all my attention.

    Also, I started Never Alone and it is super cute. I think you’ll enjoy it :)


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