March Game Challenge: Week Four

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In the past week, I have been reminded of just how much I love the Far Cry games. I know this because I am around 35 hours into it, and other than most of the story missions and outposts/bell towers, I’ve barely cleared the map of side missions, locations, and loot chests. I love to explore this game for the sake of exploring. Something about this series just resonates with me.

There are, of course, things I don’t love about it. First and foremost is the hunting aspect. If it weren’t required for upgrades to vital elements, I would pass entirely. I love creatures, both digital and real, and it bothers me to hunt them.

That being said, there are certain animals that give chase no matter what I do, and I have no trouble taking them down to protect myself.

I still don’t love it.

But. I happened to think out loud in a co-op session, and I said something like, “I wish I could turn off the skinning animation.” And guess what? My friend Skittles found that you can, in fact, turn that off. Not only does it mean I no longer have to apologize to every animal I harvest bait from (though I still think it inside), but it makes searching fallen enemies faster, too. Win/win.

Thanks, Skittles!

In the game, you can unlock your family’s homestead and I love this feature. I loved upgrading it, and I love knowing that I can always fast travel there and find a calm, gunfire-less, slice of happiness.

And a Buzzer (the gyrocopter) is also there whenever I’d like it. After finally getting the hang of the Buzzer, I love puttering around the skies of Kyrat.

One of the few things I find moderately obnoxious is the rampantly excessive use of gunfire for no reason other than celebration by the rebels. It happens far too often. I want to remind them to save their ammo for more pressing issues…like all the outside forces that want to kill them. One of those being the flourishing and murderous eagle population.

Those eagles are super jerks.

I am also not a fan of the demon fish. They are huge toothy fish that hate anything that isn’t a huge toothy fish. I happened to blow one up with a grenade yesterday and I would be remiss if I didn’t explain the joy I felt when I saw his jerk self fly into the air.

Surprise, fishy.

Today, I will most certainly finish liberating the remaining outposts and bell towers, and start in on clearing the map. I’d also like to get some of the easier trophies that I’ve somehow missed. I expect I will be distracting many enemies with rocks.

I am a bit disappointed as I had planned on attending midnight release for both Bloodborne as well as the Borderlands Handsome Collection tonight, but after confirming with GameStop, Bloodborne is available for 9 p.m. release (west coast yay!), but the Handsome Collection isn’t authorized for release until midnight. Now this wouldn’t be an issue, except my local GameStop (which I love) isn’t authorized to stay open for the midnight release, only the 9 p.m.

Color me confused.

I know it comes down to numbers, but that seems like a whole lot of complicated authorizations and non-authorizations.

Oh well, I will just pick them both up tomorrow morning. Even though I am still on track for my challenge, I see at least a teensy bit of Borderlands in my future. I’m sure I will also do my nightfall/weekly tasks in Destiny tomorrow, as well.

Is anyone else out there doing a monthly challenge? If so, how is it going? Is anyone doing midnight release? Which game/s are you getting?

On that note, I have some Fashion Week quests to complete for Mumu Chiffon so I can finally be done with hunting in the game once and for all.

Except for those eagles. I will commit Kyrati genocide of those eagles.

Harsh, but honestly, they’re the worst. And the demon fish aren’t far behind.


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  1. I finished Fire Emblem Awakening yesterday and I’m getting Bloodborne not sure about getting it tonight. Glad you like FC4 but sorry about the hunting aspect.


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