March Game Challenge: Week One

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March greetings!

As I write this, I am already feeling the trepidation of claiming that I can finish three open-world games before the end of the month.

Scratch that. I’m not concerned about Far Cry 4, or even GTA V. What I’m really worried about is the game I’m starting off with: Fallout 3.

I’m basically giving myself ten days to finish each game, and that means I will need to be putting in at least six hours a day with Fallout 3 just to make it to the finish line. I’d be bonkers if I didn’t think that was daunting.

However. I refuse to allow a challenge to get the best of me more than once, so I’m bound and determined to make it to the finish line in grand fashion.

I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t finish Dying Light yet, but I’ve been under the weather, and you can’t always plan for that. Because of it, I wasn’t playing games, but well or not, I have to get into Fallout before March goes marching on without me.

I hauled the game guide out for Fallout 3 (the game of the year edition, both the guide and the game), read through the first couple of sections, and immediately felt overwhelmed. There is just so much to this game. I almost feel badly that I will be trying to cram this experience into a finite window just to complete this challenge. In this case, I realize the biggest hurdle is starting the darn thing.

So, my friends, off I go to start the darn thing.

To inevitable success!

Does anyone else out there have a game challenge lined up for March? If so, please sound off. I’d love to hear about it.

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