February Game Challenge: Week One

february game challenge 03 cover

Well friends, to continue the monthly game challenge, I have something very specific in mind for February: I will tackle (and complete) three open world games this month. Please note: I’m a little loose with my definition of open world, and I’ve got a specific list of games in mind for this challenge.

This came about because of my intense interest in wanting to play Fallout 3 (and New Vegas, but one thing at a time), yet never starting it due to the intimidation I feel at its sheer size and implied time commitment.

So I am running headlong into it, and starting it today. No joke. I don’t want to not experience a game simply because it is so massive that I can’t get myself to dive in.

I know for certain I will play Fallout 3, and I will likely follow it up with Far Cry 4 (something I’ve been meaning to do since late last year). The third game will come from the following list of options:

Dragon Age: Inquisition
A Link Between Worlds
Mass Effect
Pokemon X
Sleeping Dogs
Sunset Overdrive
Viva Pinata

I’m also hoping to get to a few smaller experience games like Doki Doki Universe, Hohokum, and Valiant Hearts.

I’d gladly take input on which of those games to tackle first. Please feel free to sound off! As well, if anyone wants to join me, I’d love the company. :)

Friends: to vast open worlds! Let’s run across different types of fields in slow motion…

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  1. I’ll join in on the challenge. As for the third game I’d either go with Dragon Age,GTA V,Mass Effect,Pokemon X,Sleeping Dogs or Sunset Overdrive.Good luck with you’re challenge.


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