January Game Challenge: Week 4 (Uh-Oh…)

game challenge 03

Well crap.

I suppose that two-word statement could accurately describe my progress, or lack thereof.

I stalled out on Alan Wake, but I am bound and determined to take a large chunk out of it this evening. I don’t know why it hasn’t grabbed me so far, but I suspect it has more to do with the control scheme than anything else.

Despite this major slow-down in my progress, I still have no worry that I won’t make it to five games by Saturday. I’ve been known to knock out games in one day, so I have channeled this into this last week madness. And with two Call of Duty entries on the list, I know they can be completed fairly quickly.

I’m already thinking about next month’s challenge, and hopefully it all comes together.

In the meantime (and to no one’s surprise), I’ve been spending absurd amounts of time in Destiny. Between my two characters (hunter and warlock), I’ve been up to my ears in bounties and weapon leveling. With the reset of the raids, vanguard, and crucible tomorrow, I know I will be putting in time with those. Crota especially.

I also have been feeling the yearly pull to play the first Borderlands again. Something about that game just draws me in, time after time.

And now friends, while I know this is short, off I scoot to make some headway with Mr. Wake. That game won’t complete itself.

Cheers to a new week.

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