Land Shark Silliness

land shark 01

I play a lot of Destiny. Instead of feeling ashamed, I’ve learned to embrace it.

A while back, I decided to create a clan, and my love of land sharks may have come into play. I’m not going to say the name of the clan has “land sharks” anywhere in it, but it absolutely does.

So this morning, while I was reading up on some Destiny news, I started thinking about how completely silly land shark glitches are, and I decided to consult the Google machine to see what hilarious images I could find.

Turns out, quite a few. So friends, as my way of closing out the week, please enjoy some random sharks who just happened to end up on video game turf.

land shark gta 02
No, I do not think this man is a threat to American freedom.

land shark gta 03
He’s just sleepy.

land shark 02
Sharks can be susceptible to swirly blue things. Though this one seems not to mind.

land shark guild wars 2
He won.

If I were an actual land shark, this is how I would roll. Float. Whatever. Chase me! Wheee!

And with that, I bid each of you a glorious weekend. Cheers!

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