January Game Challenge: Week 2

game challenge 03

Well here I find myself, rushing headlong into week two of my January gaming challenge. The past week held odd circumstances, both in and out of my control, and I was waylaid in my efforts.

Never fear! Five games is more than doable, and I already have one in the can: the PS Vita version of Resogun.

Oddly enough, the PS4 version of Resogun was the first game I beat last year, so perhaps this has become an unintentional winter tradition. Either way, one of my first trophies of the year was called “To The Max,” which I find a great motivator. I must game to the max!

Tonight I have P.T. on the menu (which I will start immediately after posting this piece), followed by at least a couple of hours of Alan Wake. Look at me go!

I hope to have all kinds of astonishing progress to report next Monday, and based on the current status, I am on my way. Do I think I will complete five games this month? Most certainly. Do I hope to beat a few more? Absofruitly.

While I understand Alan Wake might require more hours to complete than the typical shooter, I hope to have it finished by this time next week. I also have Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 on the menu, as well as Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. With those two completed, I will officially be up to date on my Call of Duty campaigns.

So on that note, please forgive my shortness of words, and I look forward to hearing about others’ progress in the self-imposed gaming challenge!

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