My New Year’s Gaming Resolutions

2015 02

As 2015 is now officially upon us, I decided to set out some very specific gaming resolutions for the fresh year. I actually think this is the first time I’ve even set gaming resolutions, so it’s sort of novel.

And honestly, I don’t so much see these as resolutions, but rather practical guidelines for myself, as I tend to let my excitement for new games sweep me away.

Here we go…

#1: Stop pre-ordering games.
After numerous issues with rough releases this year, I think stepping back from blind faith in a game/company/developer is a safe bet. Sure, if there are some amazing pre-order bonuses, I may rethink this, but honestly, no bonus is worth slapping down money on a game that you can’t be sure is release-ready. I admit I may be gun shy.

#2: Play the games in my backlog. No, really.
I keep a detailed excel database of every game I own. I list the title, format (e.g. digital, disc), and platform. I keep a detailed notebook of each game I’ve completed (and when), as well as notes on games I’d like to keep my eye on in the future.

Just yesterday, I decided to double-check to make sure everything was up to date, and I realized some digital games had not made it into the database. After the update, the backlog game total comes out to over 400 games. That’s so many more games than anyone needs. I felt gluttonous just looking at it.

I firmly believe if I start knocking out chunks of my backlog, I will not only get to experience these (hopefully) great games, but save money from buying new ones while I’m at it. I feel a strong need to consume games more responsibly.

#3: I will not let a game’s depth and breadth keep me from starting said game.
I have wanted to play Fallout 3 for a long time. I mean years. I’ve had the game of the year edition for at least three years. I’ve had the game guide for the game of the year edition just as long. Yet I’ve never even tried to start it.

Why? Because it’s Bethesda. And I know it will take a good chunk of hours to complete.

I get daunted at a huge game and know that a time-sink is impending. I know there are so many games to play and I mentally spin and thus, the game never gets started. And what’s the worst thing that can happen? I enjoy it? OH NO!

Honestly. I just need to dig in.

#4: Know when to say when.
I often struggle with the idea that since I bought a game, I must finish it, even if I’m no longer (or never was) enjoying it. This is ridiculous.

Just because I don’t enjoy a game doesn’t make it a bad game. It just didn’t resonate with me. I need to realize that there isn’t time for every game out there, and if I’m really not having a good time, I should put it down after a fair shake and move on to something else.

#5: I will go back to the games I’ve been meaning to.
I have some really wonderful games I’ve started that I somehow let slip through my grasp (e.g. Pokemon X, Link Between Worlds). The reason I hadn’t gone back to them was because it can be hard to pick back up where you left off. To find your way back into the story, control scheme, and general direction is daunting, but honestly, with the internet so handy and all, there’s just no reason to not delve back into something good.

So delve I must.

Well, I think five resolutions is a pretty decent number, and I don’t want to get myself in over my head. I’ve got a couple of interesting ideas brewing on how to deal with my backlog, but more on that soon. In the meantime, I’ve got a stack of games to play.

Does anyone out there have their own gaming resolutions? If so, I’d love to hear them.

Happy 2015, friends!

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  1. BACKLOG, most definitely. I have literally 10 games on my Vita to play and probably 30 great games on my PC.

    Time to tackle that backlog!


    • i feel you. a bunch of games i had forgotten about are on my vita. i tell you, with all the free ps+ games out there, it can be super easy to get behind.

      tackle it we shall!


  2. Hmmm, backlog for me too. I have so many games that I played for some 20 hours, and then let them slip away. It would sure save me a lot of money if I tried to finish them all first. But on the other hand, I’s a firm believer of just following my gaming mood, and to pick up which ever game is right for me at the time!


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