End Of The Year Countdown

countdown 01

It’s hard to believe, but this is my third to last post of the calendar year. Where does (did) the time go?

I’ve been jamming, trying to get in as much playtime on my massive list of 2014 games as possible, however, with being out of town with family this week, inevitably, games have been (voluntarily) put on the back burner. And I’m okay with that.

While I look at my in-progress 2014 lists, most of the games I loved this year weren’t released this year. I’m also okay with that. A good experience is a good experience. The year is irrelevant.

If nothing else, after I return home on Monday, I have two games that I must play before the calendar registers 2015: Fantasia: Music Evolved, and more Far Cry 4. If I can not wedge in as much time with these as possible, I will feel I’ve let down my gaming self.

Of course, I may have the best of intentions, but as soon as it registers to my brain that Destiny is still in my PS4, I can see a whole lot of time being siphoned there. That leveling won’t do itself.

Hopefully in the next couple of very packed days, I will have time to catch up on a few handheld games (Danganronpa, Kirby Triple Deluxe, Pokemon), and if not, I will also be okay with that. Tonight has some excellent activities in store for me, one of which is another trip to Ground Kontrol.


So my friends, I wish you an excellent weekend. Be safe out there.

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