The Best Laid Plans…


Today was a day full of planning, travel, and excitement. After a few paltry hours of sleep last night, I was up at o’dark hundred to get the travel process started. I had planned to write for today quite early. That didn’t happen.

No biggie! I will write on the plane. Then play some handheld games.

Or nap. Napping is nice.

So I can write later! You know, after we arrive and get settled.

Or nap again.


sleeping dogs 01

(Is there a theme here?)

I had fully intended to write something interesting; something game-related. However all I can think about is sleep. Glorious sleep. So I thought about sleeping in the video game realm. Which just made me sleepier.

So friends, please take a moment to think about all those times you stayed at an inn within a game to rest and fill up your health meter, or plopped down on Amaterasu’s mat to rejuvenate. Health potions, fairies in bottles, magical springs.

I could use one right about now.

So please excuse this completely random post at a completely late hour. I promise to have something super neato to write about on Wednesday. And in the mean time, I’m off to…

smb 2 ending 2

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  1. Do you mind if I “borrow” the Amaterasu pic? ;-) (I’ve been catching up on my fall semester sleep deficit for the past week… talk about hibernation)


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