Hilarious PSN Names (Part 6)

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Well, here we are again, another entry in the hilarious PSN names series. This past week I played a lot of Destiny (in an effort to reach rank 5 in the Iron Banner, which I eventually did), therefore I came across an abundance of folks with snerk-worthy names. This may explain why this entry is twice as hefty as the others. That’s twice the humor, folks. Test me. I did the math.

Friends, I present you with part 6.

10. Slapnuticus
Playing online you see a lot of nut-based names. This is the first Romanesque take on one. Classy.

9. FuzzyWuzzaBear
Sometimes intentional misspellings make me smile. This is one of them. I found this name to be endearing and actually a bit cute. And I rarely use that word.

8. BulletMagnetJeff
I may not know this person, but we have much in common. Especially in PvP. Those bullets just seek me out. Over and over. And over. I’m going to guess he is a grenade magnet as well.

7. SauceyWombat
Okay, I adore wombats. They are saucy. When I saw this person’s name, I was terribly amused. What was even more amusing was that several days later, I encountered them out and about in PvE. I was so happy it was almost embarrassing. Wombats are little Australian meatloafs, and I’m happy to find one with attitude.

6. zombie_sharks

5. PineapplePlunger
I’m not sure I have ever been quite as puzzled by a screen name as by PineapplePlunger. What does this mean?! Did they remove a toilet blockage with a pineapple somehow? If so, how? Or had someone made a toilet out of a hollowed out pineapple and it somehow became backed up (or full…gross) and they had to plunge the pineapple? I’m so confused. And a little sickened.

4. zzzNARDSzzz
I’m almost ashamed to admit how funny I found this. It appeals to me in the same fashion in which the word “fart” appeals to me, albeit to a lesser degree. I will admit when I saw this person, I laughed so hard I cried. It also may have been because it was three in the morning. Who knows.

3. tinkleinmypants
This person isn’t afraid to tell the world how excited Destiny makes them. And that’s brave.

2. TurdFerguson_40
It’s a funny name.

1. SnickersMcJazz
This guy (or gal) takes the cake for both amusing me endlessly by their catchy-as-hell name, as well as infuriating me from killing me over and over in the Crucible. Each time they killed me (which was pretty much nonstop) I had to laugh. I would see their screen name floating near me, then I would die, and I would see “SnickersMcJazz” float away. It takes some serious amusement for me to not be frustrated by being repeatedly killed by someone. This person found the balance. Thanks?

Who knows when more of these will pop up. I note them to myself as I come across them and when the list is robust enough, they show up here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Or, let’s be honest, even half as much.

Happy Monday, friends!

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