Hilarious PSN Names (Part 4)

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I never envisioned this “series” to become such a regularity, however the more I play Destiny, the more hilarious names I see. I thought it would be nice to close out the week with a handful of giggles, so friends, here you go. I give you part 4 of hilarious PSN names.

5. Scruffuls
Somewhere there is a sour looking cat who answers (as much as any cat answers) to “Scruffuls.”

4. mum-the-meatloaf
I frequently use the term “meatloaf” to refer to anything hefty and brick-like (though not Brick from Borderlands), such as the Xbox 360 controller. For some reason the idea that someone refers to their mum as a meatloaf made me giggle. Then feel bad for giggling at their meatloaf mum.

3. Turtburger
This sounds so wrong and so funny and I completely don’t get it. Just say it out loud and I dare you not to be mildly amused.

I was playing online with a friend when I saw this person’s name bobbing around the tower in Destiny. For some reason it made me laugh hard. I couldn’t stop saying “DUMPINROUNDZ! DUMPINROUNDZ!” I kept chuckling to myself while I noted the name for this post. But the best part was several days later when I couldn’t sleep and was playing in the wee hours of the morning. I plopped down on Earth to do some patrols, and a few minutes later something caught my attention.

DUMPINROUNDZ. We had magically been reunited. I rarely see the same player twice (unless it’s intentional), and I’m pleased the Bungie servers found it fitting to put us together again. I nearly felt a song coming on.

1. (first ever tie) sometimessteezy & always_steezy
Even if I was the best writer in the world, I doubt I’d be able to impart how loudly and boisterously I laughed when I saw these names. I was in the tower in Destiny and saw “sometimessteezy” and I started to giggle, as I have a bit of a hang up on the word “steezy.” Years ago I had to seek out its meaning and I somehow created the phrase “lumpy steezy feces” (Don’t ask, I honestly don’t know.). So when I saw “sometimessteezy” I started laughing. I then noticed that another character kept walking into them and trying to “push” them around the tower, and I noticed that other person’s name was “always_steezy.” I was beside myself with laughter. The steezy brothers. BWAAAAAAAAA!!! So of course, this could only end in a tie.

Do the steezy brothers overthrow pantyhamster_187? I don’t know. But they come close.

On that note, I’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween! Try not to barf from all that candy.

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