Hilarious PSN Names (Part 3)

ps 01

I thought that considering how absurd my online gaming has been recently, a nice way to bid the week adieu would be a third installment in this vein.

So, my friends, brace yourself for part 3 of hilarious PSN names.

5. blowinshtup
This guy isn’t shy about his hobbies. And he’s in luck: a lot of playing video games involves blowing schtuff up.

4. iPlayWithApotato
Is this a new low-tech Apple device? God, I hope so.

3. ihate_ray
This made me laugh uncontrollably. This guy hates Ray so much that his PSN handle is all about it.

2. avoidpancakesx3
Now this one is curious. It’s one thing to avoid pancakes (who would want to?!), but avoiding them to the power of three? Color me intrigued. Or maybe this is a public service cautioning. I may never know.

Never has someone’s screen name made me think of jazz hands quite as much as this. I picture a ’20s dancer on a Broadway stage, shuffling off to Buffalo while singing to the rafters about zombies. I love it.

Still nothing has overthrown pantyhamster_187 as the most ridiculous PSN name, and I don’t imagine much will come close. But I will continue to enjoy the names I do encounter, and perhaps there will be more entries in this series in the future.

Happy Friday, weekend warriors!

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