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Back in May of this year, I decided to challenge myself to play (start to finish) fifteen games before June 1st. By May 31st, I had completed sixteen games (by far the most I’ve ever completed in such a time frame), and there was a particular website that was instrumental.

When I was planning how I would hit that goal, I started to Google approximately how long it would take me to beat certain games, and that’s when I came across howlongtobeat.com.

This site is a a comprehensive estimation of just about every game you can throw at it (and certainly most of the ones I threw at it). It will not only give you a reasonable approximation for how long it would take to beat the main game (whatever that game might be), but any DLC as well.

The site allows you to search by game title, or browse by top games of the week, which is actually pretty nifty as it can jump start you into playing something from your backlog once you see it only takes X amount of time.

(Looking at it today reminded me that I seriously want to replay the Bioshock trilogy. This is a topic I will go into at a later date, but the original Bioshock reigns as my favorite game of all time.)

I highly recommend the site as a useful resource, as well, I find it to simply be an interesting site in and of itself. I enjoy this type of data, and I could easily spend a chunk of time just looking around.

Which I think I will.

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  1. That site sounds awesome. I always struggle to chose a game to start when working on my back log and this site will be a great help. I will put this one in my tool box.


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