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several years back, i became fairly active on the game informer website, and almost immediately, i became a huge fan of their weekly show replay, as well as the periodic super replay.

replay consists of several of their editors playing a previous gen game (usually for approximately 30 minutes) followed typically by a replay roulette (a game picked at random for another, and usually slightly shorter, segment). the regulars on the show (andrew reiner, tim turi, and jeff cork) are all knowledgeable, witty, and generally quite interesting. the rotating editors who ‘guest’ on the show are also wonderful (i wish matt helgeson and joe juba appeared more often), and each editor adds a dash of something all their own.

however super replay is where it’s at for me. super replay, as you may have guessed, is an entire play through of a game, posted on their site in approximately hour-long installments. they air two episodes per week (typically thursday and sunday) until the game’s conclusion. the favored genre for super replays tends towards survival horror.

below are some of my favorite editions of super replay.

overblood 01 - Copy

overblood, original air date: 12.31.10

this may have been the first super replay i watched. it was terrible and wonderful (as many of them are), and this introduced me to tim turi’s seemingly endless patience with such games. raz karcy (aka: weinerless steve) was riveting, as was his buddy-cop relationship with the adorable robot pipo. pipo may have met an unfortunate ending (dramatic camera pan overhead: “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!”), but he still made a cameo in the sequel.

favorite moments: pipo (in general), the nearly fruitless search for the voice recorder, any time someone jumped, the death of pipo.

galerians 01

galerians, original air date: 09.11.11

galerians was just plain weird. i loved it. but what made me love it the most, was joe juba’s impromptu song “to the max.” that’s really what my affection for this one boils down to. also, that final boss fight was…memorable.

favorite moments: joe juba’s “to the max,” going to stage b, scanning the rooms in the hotel and seeing all the crazy crap going on inside.

overblood 2 01

overblood 2, original air date: 12.31.11

when even the editors can reflect on a 20-episode long super replay by saying they still have no idea what it was about, you know it’s really something.

raz karcy made a return appearance, as did pipo (or someone who looked an awful lot like him), as did the infamous falling statue. and that was just the beginning.

when seeing the opening ‘sizzle reel’ which had so many random moments, i had no idea what the game would entail. turns out, everything in that reel was in the game. and there was a lot in that reel.

favorite moments: the wind suit fiasco (and andy’s subsequent commentary), the waltz, junk blade racing.

super metroid 01

super metroid, original air date: 07.05.12

this was one of my absolute favorite super replays. i find joe juba hilarious, but i find it even MORE hilarious when he cracks up or dissolves into giggles (both of which happened). also, his memory for this game was incredible. he made excellent time, never died, and he knew (almost without fail) exactly where to go and when. his knowledge of the game, coupled with the commentary, made it great.

favorite moments: joe juba’s memory of the game, G.A.D.S.B., bramble brand bran cookies: for your brankids!, every time juba erupted into laughter.

blue stinger 01

blue stinger, original air date: 12.31.12

this is the super replay i’ve easily seen (and listened to) the most. i think it’s also because matt helgeson was on every episode, and i have always enjoyed what he brings to the crew.

this game was ridiculous. from the tasks (stamp rally!), to the weird timed missions (42 minutes, real time), to the bosses (jeep crab cherokee), it had everything i love about super replay, and  it had it in spades.

favorite moments: helgeson, hassy, and hijinks.

illbleed 01

illbleed, original air date: 12.31.13

illbleed was put out by the same developer as blue stinger, but, if it was even possible, it was more over the top and ridiculous. from the speech competition, to the final boss fight/s, this game had more “whaaa…?” moments than any other super replay i’ve seen. and i’ve happily seen them all.

each ‘world’ was so different from the last, that it kept things fresh, and weird, all the way through.

favorite moments: the return of hassy, ghost worm, woodpuppets, dummy man.

replay and super replay are my favorite shows going. i’m grateful for every episode, as i know these guys also have a magazine to put out each month. they are never lacking for things to do, yet they still make these episodes and support the replay community (mostly through facebook).

a great big thank you to game informer!

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