Status Report: Week 15 (Slumpin’)

That image is from a game I haven’t played and don’t even own yet: Minit. I’m super intrigued by the premise: you obtain a cursed sword and can only live for 60 seconds at a time. After that, you “die,” but respawn keeping all the items you find. As soon as it goes on sale, I’m down. If I wasn’t so behind on other games, I’d play it right now.

This is going to be a short one because I have so little to report. The only thing I played in the last week was my regularly scheduled Borderlands 2 on Saturday night. As it was, I was late to our playtime, but at least we finally finished the main campaign so we were free to move on to the additional content. Thank goodness. I’ve completed the main campaign of Borderlands 2 over two dozen times since it originally released and I think I’ve reached my fill. Thank goodness we can now work on the DLC and Headhunter packs.

I had every intention of going back to Far Cry 5 over the weekend, but it never happened. I will absolutely see the game through, I’ve just been entirely undriven to complete it.

Speaking of undriven, I find myself in a gaming slump right now. I think I feel so overwhelmed at how behind I am game-wise that it’s somehow keeping me from knocking out more games from my heaving backlog.

I need to find a more productive way to not only think about things, but to do things.

So instead of wasting your time here, I will keep this one short and say, I hope to have more productive things to report next Monday.

This week I’m hoping to finish Far Cry 5, and finally play A Way Out.

What are you hoping to play this week? What’s the next big new release you are most excited for?

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  1. I’ve been unmotivated to start anything that is longer than a few hours, which means I’ve been completing a lot of little games I’ve had in my backlog but I feel I need to start something more substantial. Hopefully God of War IV in a little bit will help me out of this funk.

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    • I can sympathize with you, there! Sometimes longer games feel so daunting.

      I think it’s wonderful that you’ve been completing smaller games. I need to take a page from your book!

      I was so resistant to being interested in God of War, but after some recent Game Informer coverage, I was hooked and finally pre-ordered it. Just a couple of weeks to go, now!

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  2. Oi! How are you? I hope you’re doing fine!

    I always get a bit of game slump between big releases or when I finish a game.Sometimes I go on How long to beat and see the game is 15-20 hours and I go “oh boy”.

    This week I’ll be finishing Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations, an very simple adventure game. Kinda fun. And I’m also playing Crackdown for the first time! It’s a little bit clunky but it’s super fun. I love this kind of game. It reminds me of Saints Row IV and is also feeding my Spider-Man hype even more!

    I hope you can get into a game this week and have fun!

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    • Hey! How are you? I am…so so, but I hope you are well!

      Oh my gosh I do that, too with How Long To Beat! I always tell myself I should join that community to contribute and then I don’t. What a fun story. :)

      I hope you have fun with both Adventure Time as well as Crackdown. The new Spider-Man looks pretty darn slick.

      And I have! I have forced myself to play more Far Cry 5.


  3. Hey Rebekah! At least you’re playing something. I have nothing to play right now. Looking forward to playing God of War next week. :) Then, after that I think the next BIG release for me doesn’t drop right now until Sept. with Spiderman & Tomb Raider. How about you; what game(s) are on your radar?

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    • It depends how you look at it. If I didn’t have someone relying on me to show up each Saturday, I likely wouldn’t have been playing anything for whatever reason.

      You have nothing to play? Not even with PS+ titles?

      God of War is reviewing so amazingly well, it’s exciting!

      As for what I’m looking forward to, holy crap, there are so many titles. Right now it’s God of War and shortly thereafter, Yakuza 6.


  4. I’m making some decent headway in Far Cry 5. I just beat the first cult lieutenant over the weekend. I played through most of what you were talking about last week and I agree that the game has a pretty large amount of jankiness to it. It’s been so long since I played a Far Cry game I can’t remember if this was the case in 3 as well. I’m still enjoying it but I can agree that it sometimes feels like a struggle to do so. I’m also still playing Gleaner Heights and discovering the secrets of the townsfolk and environment while improving my farm.

    As for upcoming releases, I’m looking forward to God of War and also Yakuza 6 which shouldn’t be too far away either. I hope that your gaming slump doesn’t last too long and enjoy whatever you decide to play!

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    • Hey, that’s great! I’m also making progress in it again! WHEEE!!

      And Far Cry 3 was not nearly this bad. It felt like a far more polished experience. I’m getting regular issues that affect moment to moment gameplay and that’s a major issue.

      God of War is reviewing so well it’s exciting! And I also can’t wait for Yakuza 6.

      Thank you, and I hope you enjoy whatever you play, too!


  5. This week I’ll be playing through the Capcom Heroes DLC in Dead Rising 4 and playing more Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright. Right now I’m at the first proper trial of the game, and boy is it a doozy. I hope you’ll get yourself out of your slump soon.

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