Status Report: Week 42 (Mo’ Servers, Mo’ Problems)

I never thought I’d say this so soon, but I’m ready for a massive tapering off of Destiny 2.

Over the weekend I didn’t play anything. And I mean I didn’t play anything at all. It wasn’t intentional, but after Friday night I felt burnt out.

Friday evening, two other people from my clan and I queued up for some Iron Banner in Destiny 2.

Now before I get into this, allow me to say I have plenty of experience with server issues from the first Destiny, but Destiny 2 has had more problems than I can ever remember having before. That being said, I am also no stranger to Iron Banner. But this time, there were some problems.

I won’t go into excruciating detail, but I will say there was some crazy crap happening all night long. Not only was severe rubber banding an issue, but I was getting killed by people who weren’t there; people weren’t showing up on the radar (my team included), and I could shoot some people for a while and they took no damage at all.

That would happen occasionally in the first Destiny, but it usually was smoothed out after a match or two. This time, it continued all night long. We never won a single match on Friday night, and that’s highly unusual for our team. It’s hard to do well when things are all wonky.

Never mind the new system of no Iron Banner gear drops at the end of matches, no making up in the amount of tokens you get after a losing streak and then winning again, and no usable gear for raising your light level. I would collect tokens, take them to Saladin, “level up” slowly, and get dribblings of gear, most of it not even Iron Banner related.

I give all that a big no thanks.

So, after I got genuinely upset Friday night, I put the game down and wound up taking a gaming breather for the rest of the weekend. I’m going to devote a significant amount of time this week to other experiences. I think that’s for the best since I’m already so behind this year. I’m just generally excited to play some new (or new to me) games.

I’m sure I will continue to do the different activities that grant powerful rewards each Tuesday, but beyond that (and still wanting to do the raid sometime soon), I’m ready for a Destiny 2 breather.

There are many downloadable titles I’m looking forward to this week including: What Remains of Edith Finch, Get Even, Night Trap, and Nex Machina. But, honestly, I’m ready to dive in to pretty much anything. I just want to get back in the game (no pun intended) and have some new experiences.

Speaking of new experiences, I’m looking forward to playing The Evil Within 2. I have yet to play the first game, but I think I will try to wedge that one in as well.

With that I ask: what are you hoping to play this week?

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  1. I hate server issues,Overwatch had a lot of them over the weekend,it was horrible. I hope you have a good time playing games this week. Still Shadow of war,Overwatch and the new South Park when my copy arrives.

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  2. I agree with you on powerful gear drops for iron banner. That never really made sense to me because most people who still play the game are 305’s but to those few who aren’t iron banner would be a pretty good way to get them to 305 even though power doesn’t really matter in D2. And on top of that getting the iron banner gear (when you actually get Iron banner gear) is a hassle to get 305 even if you are 305 especially the kinetics for obvious mod reasons.

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    • Also, with level advantage disabled for this one, I was truly baffled.

      I still think power matters (for the raid and prestige nightfall) but yes, the mods are a hassle. I’ve only ever gotten three kinetic mods despite trying to get them aggressively. I just don’t understand some of the changes in this entry. I think one of my biggest peeves is the infusing system for weapons. For the love of all things holy, I wish they would allow me to infuse power into power, energy into energy, and kinetic into kinetic. The way it is now is ridiculous.


  3. It stinks that the servers weren’t up to task for you or anyone else. I’d like to believe at this point Bungie should know what they’re doing with capacity so I don’t know why things were so bad. I hope your break has helped clear your mind of all that and you enjoy whatever you decide to play.

    For me, I’m still periodically doing sidequests in Yakuza 0 and alternating between Pyre and Psycho Pass. I’d still like to play a horror game for October but I can’t decide what. Most likely I’ll play a Resident Evil game but The Evil Within sounds like a good thought as well.

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    • Indeed! I never saw this many problems with the first Destiny. Why this one has so many fairly major problems is beyond me.

      But thank you! My little palate cleanse helped. :)

      I really like the games you are playing right now! And I’d also like to finally play The Evil Within. Well shoot, I still need to get to RE7, as well.


  4. Nothing like server issues. I experienced them in the first Destiny; they were few & far between. I plan to play more TT’ Batman. Besides that. I’m not sure what other titles I may play. Has anyone had any good thoughts on the last Street Fighter entry? I might pick that up in the flash sale. Rebekah, any thoughts?

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    • Oh man, Richard, they are so much worse in Destiny 2 than I ever saw in the first game. I have no idea how they are as bad as they are.

      How are you liking Batman?

      I actually missed the flash sale, but this week there are SO MANY games on sale on PSN. I’m trying to avoid it!


  5. Take the break from Destiny 2 happily! There’s way to many games to play to not enjoy gaming. I committed to Iron Banner to reach “level 10” and I too will step back except for weeklies. I had a couple of disconnects, bizarre hit (or lack thereof) detection and getting stomped matches. I either was at the top of the leader board or the lowest which I guess is how 4 player teams work. For now, I’m playing Overwatch in pursuit of those Halloween skins and I’m excited to download The Turing Test for free on Xbox. There’s so many games to play and so little time to play.

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    • I super did! I played a little yesterday for the reset, but, shock of shocks, I got nothing useful…again! Hooray!

      I absolutely agree; there are WAYYY too many games to play to not enjoy oneself. That’s always a good reminder.

      The issues you had sound very similar to mine. It’s really too bad Bungie messed up the first Iron Banner. A friend I play with all the time wanted a full set of Iron Banner gear for his titan and it took him 36 level ups with Saladin before he got the last piece. That is BONKERS. I stopped after 10.

      I hope Overwatch is kinder to you!

      I hope you get lots of time to play this week!!


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